Do you have what it takes to drive libre software forward?

Put your skills to the test developing a fully functional, libre firmware for the Broadcom NetXtreme NIC used on the Talos™ II !

The first individual or team to create and release an open source (GPL v2 +, AGPL, BSD, or Apache) licensed, fully functional firmware for the Broadcom BCM5719 will be awarded a complete Talos™ II desktop system free of charge*.
(Yes, you heard that right!)


  • Initial documentation of the Broadcom NetXtreme architecture has already taken place; this presentation provides a good launching point to start writing a replacement firmware stack

  • Entries must provide replacements for both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 firmware, and must work reliably in Gigabit mode with the Linux kernel drivers. Entries must also use the correct MAC address for the devices as set in EEPROM for all network traffic. Finally, OpenBMC must remain accessible over the network (i.e. minimal NC-SI support needs to be implemented).

  • You don't have to wait for Talos II to get started! The BCM5719 is available as an off-the-shelf add-in card

  • Work on the BCM5719 is applicable to the entire, wildly successful BCM57xx family. You could be the catalyst to revolutionize the way we look at network device firmware!

  • The Talos™ II reward is a limited time offer and is subject to availability, so if you intend to take up the challenge please send an Email to let us know!

* Offer valid for Talos™ II Desktop Development System (TL2DS1) in base single-CPU 4-core configuration with 32GB RAM. Recipient is responsible for shipping, taxes, and fees. Limited time offer. Offer valid while supplies last. Raptor Computing Systems, LLC retains sole authority to determine if submission meets criteria needed for awarding of Talos™ II system.

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